is a resource for the global community of working film, television and video game music professionals that Deane founded in the fall of 2006. SCOREcast is dedicated to providing relevant news, commentary, tutorials and education about the media music business to the professional film production community. Its core aim is to inform and educate the film community on the re-sophistication of the business and craft of making music for all visual media applications.

SCOREcast started as a monthly Internet podcast called the SCOREcast Podcast Show. The podcast show was aimed at helping those trying to get a foot in the door of the film music business. Originally hosted by Deane and his studio team, each episode would offer tips, techniques, and practical business advice based on Deane’s personal experience as an independent feature film and television composer. In 2010, Deane invited LA-based film composer Brian Ralston on as his co-host for the podcast.

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